Pensacola, Florida


Robert Blanchard

Airbag Recall A Danger to Takata Employees

In the wake of injury lawsuits and a federal criminal investigation over exploding air bag inflators, management at manufacturer Takata is undergoing a major restructuring. The current company president, Stefan Stocker, announced that he is abdicating in favor of chairman […]

Chrissie Cole

Accident Leaves Vehicle Wedged Between Two Toll Lanes

A two-car accident on Saturday left a vehicle wedged on its side between two tollbooths.
Carrie Anne Dolamore, 32, of Pensacola, was driving south toward the Garcon Point Bridge Plaza in the…

Shannon Weidemann

Three Injured in Pensacola Car Accident

A car accident in Pensacola on Thursday sent three people to the hospital. The accident involved two cars traveling on Mobile Highway. One car flipped and landed on top of the other car. The first car was stopped, facing west on Boulder Avenue, then pulled out into the path of McClain’s vehicle, which was traveling north on Mobile Highway, troopers said. McClain’s vehicle collided with the…

Shannon Weidemann

Police Officer Flipped Vehicle Due to Hydroplaning

An officer of the Pensacola Police Force flipped his police cruiser while driving on Interstate 10 on January 27th. It had rained most of the day resulting in standing water on the road. Officer Young was driving 45 miles an hour, which is the speed limit, when he hit a patch of water. His car hydroplaned, ran into the concrete barrier, and flipped over. He suffered minor injuries. There…

Shannon Weidemann

Women Killed Car Traveling the Wrong Direction

A woman from Panama City was killed while driving in the eastbound lane of U.S. Highway 98 in an accident on Friday.Baheejah T. Jackson, age 26, was traveling westbound in the eastbound lane when he hit the car being driven by Ruth J. Lakey, age 76, head on. Lakey’s car was then hit another time by a car driven by Russell Mann, age 69. Lakey was pronounced dead at Sacred Heart. Mann was…

Robert Blanchard

Brain Injury

Most of the serious trauma victims seen in emergency rooms are cases involving motor vehicle accidents. A new study may help change the quality of care for those patients who suffer a brain injuries in such accidents. The conclusion of the study finds that neurosurgeons are rarely needed to intervene. Given the number of traumas and the limited number of neurosurgeons, the study suggests that…

Robert Blanchard

Jury Duty

We all may dream of being called to jury duty on a notorious murder case, but in reality we are more likely to be asked to sit on a jury involving a motor vehicle accident claim. Many people don’t want to serve because of the time it takes away from work and other important personal activities. Our local Courts recognize the sacrifice of jury duty and do everything they can to have the cases…

Robert Blanchard

Spinal Injuries in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Not all spinal injuries receive the immediate care they need at the scene of an accident. It may be helpful to understand the procedures that emergency personel should go through when presented with a possible spinal injury.Paramedics and first responders ascribe to the basic tenet of “do no harm.” Their routine protocol is to use spinal immobilization for patients with major traumatic…

Robert Blanchard

Jury Voir Dire

Voir Dire is the beginning of the jury trial, where potential jurors are questioned and then selected to sit on a case. Voir dire is not only about uncovering bias and learning about your jurors; it is also your jurors’ first opportunity to learn about your case. In previous jury tips, I have often stressed how critical the jurors’ first impressions of your case are, how quickly jurors build a…

Robert Blanchard

Approaching a Jury

For an attorney, the key to establishing credibility and delivering a persuasive opening statement is to approach the jury and begin trial in the frame of mind that you were in when you first met your client. I is mportant to be the open-minded, objective, skeptical person you were when you were unsure whether to take the case, not the confidant, closed-minded lawyer you have become learning…