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Mycobacterium Chimaera Infection

… as half a million open heart patients could be at risk

Robert Blanchard

Another Medical Device Is Causing The Harm It Was Meant To Prevent

IVC filters are inserted into a patient who may be at risk of having a blood clot travel to the lungs, which can result in an often deadly pulmonary embolism. The filters made by a couple of manufacturers are now […]

Robert Blanchard

Essure: FDA Fails Patients On This Birth Control Device

A Bayer Corporation subsidiary has been having a lot problems with the  medical device known as “Essure,” used for birth control or sterilization. Pieces of the device can migrate within the body, causing sometimes serious damage. See the full article […]

Robert Blanchard

IVC Filter – Medical Device Maker Charged with Breaking the Law

As reported here (see article), a federal judge in Arizona has been appointed to oversee numerous lawsuits filed against C.R. Bar, Inc. arising from injuries related to its blood clot filter device known as an IVC (inferior vena cava) filter. According […]

Robert Blanchard

A Medical Device That Promotes Hospital Infections?

With all the problems these days with antibiotic-resistant bacteria and outbreaks of infections in hospitals, it is shocking to contemplate that devices used in hospital procedures might actually encourage the spread of contaminants. As a recent article (click here) explains, […]

Robert Blanchard

Stryker Hip Recall Is Just The Tip of The Iceberg

While it’s only tangentially related to the  Stryker hip recall in the U.S., the medical profession in the U.K. recently got some disturbing news with implications for hip patients in the U.S. In December, the British Medical Journal published an […]

Robert Blanchard

Levin Papantonio Lawyer Appointed to Stryker Hip PSC

The hip implants known as the metal-on-metal hip replacements have left a sad trail of destruction in the wake of their recent adoption by some orthopedic surgeons. As the FDA has concluded, these metal-on-metal devices are subject not only to […]