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Robert Blanchard

Delays in Diagnosis

I have just seen the results of a new study which attempts to quantify the risk of an appendix rupture relative to the time since the onset of symptoms. Not surprisingly, the longer you have been having symptoms, the greater your risk that the appendix is about to rupture. You don’t hear of many people suffering with a ruptured appendix anymore and this is no doubt due to the abilitiy of…

Robert Blanchard

Crisis Declared Over

A recent report confirms – Medical Malpractice Insurance ‘Crisis’ Is Over. Why then the continued cries to the contrary. Why are politicians trying to win votes with lies, and all the while taking your rights away. This kind of stuff makes you mad when you have to talk to people every day who have been injured by stupid doctors. Most physicians are excellent, but the bad ones are getting away…

Robert Blanchard

Keep Close eye on Malpractice Legislation

Under an agreement on medical-malpractice laws in Washington State, which expected to be enacted into law, doctors would be able to apologize for a medical mistake without it being used against them in court. Mediation would be mandatory before a lawsuit could proceed, and if it went forward, both sides could agree to binding arbitration to avoid costly litigation. Juries also would be able to…

Robert Blanchard

Myocarditis Goes Untreated

A serious infection of the heart may too often go untreated, because many patients present with a nonspecific illness characterized by fatigue, mild dyspnea, and myalgias. A few patients present acutely with fulminant congestive heart failure (CHF) secondary to widespread myocardial involvement. Many cases of myocarditis are such that the patient rarely seeks medical attention during acute…

Robert Blanchard

Juror Bias Affects Trial Outcomes

Many clients think that simply being on the right side of the case means they will win their case in front of a jury. What many don’t realize is that every juror brings to trial their on bias and preferences which have nothing to do with the facts of the case. If a juror goes into trial believing that doctors are honest, benevolent, highly trained and competent, this juror will almost certainly…

Robert Blanchard

Infections make scar removal potentially dangerous

If you think you are developing an infection following a surgery of your skin, such as scar removal, there are some things you should know. Signs and symptoms of wound infection usually present in an escalating manner from days 4-6 after surgery and include redness, tenderness, and swelling at the surgery site. Pus may be present. If the infection is caught at an early stage, the patient may be…

Robert Blanchard

Paraplegia from Simple Surgery?

Paraplegia following a simple surgery, such as a thoracotomy, is a disaster with obvious legal implications. Most documented cases involve arterial bleeding. Unexpected paraplegia following a simple lung resection is a devastating injury. Fortunately, it rarely occurs. The incidence of paraplegia after thoracotomy is unknown but has been estimated to be approximately 0.08%. The culprit may be…

Robert Blanchard

Insurance Costs Not Affected by Malpractice Lawsuits

Yet another study has been published showing the the amount doctors are paying for their medical malpractice insurance is not related to payouts on liablility claims. See the full article. There have been so many reports and studies by so many independent groups for so many years, all showing that the “lawsuit crises” over medical malpractice is a hoax, that everyone should by now realize that…

Staff Writer

Florida Medical Malpractice Statement

While there are certain rules of court and procedures that affect the filing of a medical malpractice claim, in Florida, these are essentially negligence claims. Negligence is the failure of a person to exercise the proper duty of care thereby injuring someone else. Section 766.102 of Florida Statutes describes what a doctor’s duty of care is. A doctor must do what a reasonably prudent…