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Robert Blanchard

Why C8 Is Inside Your Body – DuPont Owns the EPA

If you want to know how large corporations rig the system and buy influence with the very regulatory agencies that are supposed to be protecting you, see the recent article posted here. Murphy was investigating whether C8 was dangerous. The […]

Robert Blanchard

The Human Cost of Teflon – And the Cover-Up

Large corporations employ a lot of people, so invariably there will be a few employees who will sound the alarm if one of the company’s products start killing people. Unfortunately, these employees are all too often fired for speaking up. […]

Robert Blanchard

Granuflo Lawsuit Update: Federal Judge Dismisses Some Claims

When filing a lawsuit against an individual or a corporate entity for negligence, it is important to allege the correct claims against the right defendants – as many individuals pursuing a Granuflo lawsuit in Colorado recently discovered. In April, the […]

Robert Blanchard

Title: While BP Seeks Escape Clause, Oil Remains on Beaches

BP recently filed its lengthy response to the Oil Spill Settlement Administrator’s proposed changes to the settlement procedures claimants must follow to obtain any recovery for their loss of business revenue due to the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf. […]

Robert Blanchard

Procter & Gamble Defeats Science

In a jarring blow to any hope of justice for one injured plaintiff, a Pennsylvania appellate court has refused to overturn a lower court ruling that lets Procter & Gamble off the hook for severe injuries caused by one of […]

Robert Blanchard

BP Oil Spill – Waiting and Waiting

The original report was that the oil would hit our beautiful shores within days. Weeks later, we are still told it will be any day now, but our fears and concerns have not calmed down. The more we…

Robert Blanchard

Asbestos Defendants Attack National Cancer Institute

In what amounts to a manufactured controversy, Ford Motor Company and other asbestos defendants are seeking depositions about changes to the NCI website that addressed the dangers of asbestos. See…

Robert Blanchard

Italian Researchers New Approach to Mesothelioma

Although both men and women can suffer from mesothelioma, but women will statistically often survive longer with the disease. In Italy, scientists are finding out why the female gender is a…

Robert Blanchard

Mesothelioma Treatment

With all the lawyer ads on mesothelioma it is easy to overlook some of the strides that are being made in the treatment of this asbestos related cancer. Clinical trials now underway are…