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Robert Blanchard

Ring of Fire Radio Nails BP on Criminal Conduct

With the failure to meet certain profit forecasts and the shame of the Oil Spill in the Gulf still plainly in the rearview mirror, no news would be good news right now for the BP Oil Company. As of April […]

Robert Blanchard

Federal Posting Requirements

One impediment to an injured worker receiving fair compensation is the employee lack of knowledge about the laws an rules that apply in the workplace. If an injured worker does not know that there should be compensation for certain injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, for example), the claim for benefits may not be timely filed. Interestingly, Federal law requires the posting of information about a…

Robert Blanchard

Asbestos Cases Winding Down

It has been an honor representing the many clients who found themselves injured by exposure to asbestos. Most were exposed in the workplace, working hard jobs as boilermakers, pipefitters and other jobs that were key to our country’s industrialization and our success in World War II. Now with many of the offending companies out of business or just coming out of bankruptcy, most remaining claims…

Robert Blanchard

Appealing to the Enemy

I am sure Republicans didn’t mean it when they took your rights away in workers compensation, medical malpractice, medical devices ….”Trial Lawyers Court GOP”Charm offensive? “Last week, ATLA dispatched a team of Republican trial lawyers to meet with key GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill. … behind the scenes, ATLA has been surprisingly generous toward GOP organizations,” giving $30,000 apiece…

Robert Blanchard

No Benefits for Injured Workers

More Worker Compensation lawyers are quitting their practice as a result of the bad laws made by the Florida legislature. Since attorneys can no longer earn a sufficient fee when the carrier fails to make medical payments or lost wage payments, injured workers will not be able to get lawyers to represent them. I guess it doesn’t matter until it happens to you.

Robert Blanchard

Public Radio Covering Silicosis Claims

Our firm decided not to handle silicosis claims. However, some other good firms got involved and are now being scrutinized. See the coverage at NPR.Silicosis is a deadly lung disease that industrial workers get from inhaling crystalline silica in foundries, mines, quarries and shipyards. Over the last few years, plaintiff lawyers aggressively advertised for silicosis victims, inviting them to…

Robert Blanchard

OSHA Slow to Act

The new stardard for worker exposure to harmful chromium are not only inadequate, they took way too long to be inacted. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) new standard to reduce worker exposure to hexavalent chromium is seriously inadequate and will not protect the safety of hundreds of thousands of workers who are exposed to the metal in the workplace. OSHA will publish…

Robert Blanchard

Wal Mart Can Be a Tough Employer

Anyone who has filed a falling merchandise lawsuit against Wal Mart knows just how tough the dcompany can be to go up against. The makers of a new movie may soon find out the same. This week, the director of “Uncovered: The War on Iraq” and “Outfoxed” released his latest film, “Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Prices.” This exposé on the toll the Wal-Mart superpower has taken on workers and…

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Florida Worker's Compensation Overview

In Florida, as in most states there is a separate body of law addressing Worker’s Compensation (formerly Workman’s Compensation). Generally, Worker’s Comp. deals with an employer or the employer’s insurance company obligations regarding wages and medical bills when an employee is injured on the job. In Florida, as in most states there is a separate body of law addressing Worker’s…