Pensacola, Florida


Robert Blanchard

Spinach that Kills

The law in Florida on tainted food products is supposed to be strict liability. That means no matter who’s “fault” it may be, if the food is tainted, then the company that sold it to you should be liable for your injury or death. If this actually worked, it would save a lot of court and litigant time and expense trying to run down what cow in what spinach patch gave us the first contamination of…

Robert Blanchard

TASER claims

A new claim is being made regarding the Sheriff’s department’s use of the TASER.Former deputy Charles Dix pled guilty three months ago to a federal civil rights charge of using excessive force against a civilian whom he stunned at least four times. The Sheriff’s Office has paid out a total of $400,000 to settle two lawsuits involving Dix and his use of Tasers. In August of 2005, he resigned.

Robert Blanchard

Animals Shot – Rewards Offered

I heard reports that the reward for information on this horrible incident is now over $20,000.Kudos to following local organizations who have donated $17,000 as a reward to assist in the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the shooting:Bill Haven Cars Inc.: $500.Way Bail Bond: $1,000.Humane Society of Pensacola: $2,500.Crime Stoppers: $3,000.Deep South Crane Rentals Inc.: $10,000.To…

Robert Blanchard

$2.65 Million Verdict for Murder Case?

A Collier County Sheriff’s Office was found partly responsible for the murder of a psychologist while he was conducting a court-appointed interview of a prison inmate. Apparently, the inmate was known to be extremely dangerous, but the Sheriff failed to warn the victim in advance or make adequate provisions for his safety. In his 90 days of incarceration, the inmate had made repeated threats to…

Robert Blanchard

Where are the detectors for monoxide?

Events of carbon monoxide poisoning still appear in the news, despite the availability of detectors. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas produced by incomplete combustion of carbonaceous material. CO at sufficiently high concentrations can kill. Commonly overlooked or misdiagnosed, CO intoxication often presents a significant clinical challenge. Most fatalities result from fires,…

Robert Blanchard

Wing Detached from Older Plane

With aging fleets of aircraft, we may see more disaters like this in the future.The right wing detached from a vintage seaplane before it plunged into the sea off Miami Beach and killed 20 people, but it was unclear what caused the wing to break off.Amateur video obtained by CNN showed the fuselage slam into the water, followed by the wing falling through the sky on fire and leaving a trail of…

Robert Blanchard

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Carwash

A Tampa carwash is facing a wrongful death suit filed by a man whose wife died at the business in May.Brenda Brown was waiting for her car to be cleaned at Town N’ Country Carwash on May 6th when a carwash employee driving a 2003 Isuzu Rodeo rammed into her. She died two days later.Brown’s husband’s wrongful death attorney alleges that the carwash was negligent by not training its employees to…