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Studies Relate Talcum Powder To Ovarian Cancer

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Since we can’t trust the manufacturers of merchandise that we purchase with our safety, we have to stay informed about the dangers that can be posed by everyday household products. Case in point: a recent jury verdict has found that talcum powder caused a woman’s cancer. Learn more about this topic, click here.

It turns out that the connection has been known for decades. In 1982, a study demonstrated a link between ovarian cancer and the genital use of talcum powder. Since then, at least 20 research studies have supported that conclusion. The most recent study, published in a December 2015 issue of the journal Epidemiology, concluded that “estrogen and/or prolactin may play a role via macrophage activity and inflammatory response to talc.” In other words, female hormones interact with white blood cells that are part of the immune system, causing an inflammatory response. Chronic inflammation has long been associated with the development of certain types of cancer.