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Alexidine Implicated in ReNu Recall

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I just read the following AP report regarding the recall of the ReNu Contact Lens solution that

Some eye specialists theorized last week that MoistureLoc’s new disinfectant, Alexidine, in combination with novel moisturizing agents, could have played a role in the outbreak. “The general thinking now is we’re seeing a loss of disinfecting capability as this solution absorbs into the lens,” said Dr. Arthur Epstein, chairman of the American Optometric Association’s contact lens and cornea section. “Somehow the disinfectant in the real world isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do.”

This may mean that the recall is limited to just the MoistureBloc line of products, although we are seeing some serious infections in other product lines. Those using other brands and Bausch and Lomb products may thake some comfort in knowing the concern may be limited.