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Beware Phony Botox

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A more hellish scenario is hard to imagine: you go in for cosmetic Botox injections and find yourself unable to speak or breathe. Eric Kaplan spent months trapped in his own body after the couple were injected with a “homemade brew” of Botox. The selling of phony and low grade Botox is not an isolated problem, there are reports of low grade Botox being for as little as 10$ for an injection size dose that is then resold by the doctor for as much as $1200. With this kind of profit incentive, consumers will have to be ever vigilant. Don’t count on the FDA, they want be able to keep up with the profit takers.
What does this mean for the victims? As Mr. Kaplan desribed it, “I mean literally, I was trapped inside my body. I mean imagine not being able to open your eyes, not being able to talk, not being able to communicate, and then having to learn to do these things again…”