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Heart ByPass Drug Recalled

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If you are soon to receive a heart bypass, at least you won’t face the propsect ohf being given the medication known as Trasylol. After consultation with agencies in the U.S., Canada, and Germany, the drug manufacturer has announced that it is wiithdrawing the drug worldwide. See Article. The FDA approved the drug in 1993 and started re-evaluating the drug’s side effects after the publication in January 2006 of two studies that associated the drug’s use to serious injuries, most significantly, kidney problems, heart attacks and strokes.
Newer studies indicate the drug also raises the risk of death. One of those studies previously was withheld by Bayer from the FDA, a common practice among pharmaceutiical companies that put profits over safety. The company claimed the withholding was due to a “regrettable human error.” What is regrettable is their complete lack of ethics.

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