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Vioxx Settlement Rattles Conservatives

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I watched in amazement as Neil Covuto failed to conceal his anguish and outrage as he interviewed a Vioxx trial lawyer about the recent announced settlement of Vioxx case litigation. Neil had no concern about the horrible things that the drug company was willing to do to make a profit, including hiding and distorting important safety data from the medical community and the FDA. Nor was Neil concerned about the thousands of heart attacks that medical scientist had determined resulted needless from patient exposure to Vioxx. Also not mentioned was the clear notice the company was under from the early days of the drugs development of the danger posed to patients. No, it seems Neil was only concerned that trial lawyers were going to make money off the deal. I am sure Neil works for free and puts everything at risk to go up against massive corporations to fight for the rights of those injured. Neil is that kind of guy. And he is a liar too, see link.

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