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Infections make scar removal potentially dangerous

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If you think you are developing an infection following a surgery of your skin, such as scar removal, there are some things you should know. Signs and symptoms of wound infection usually present in an escalating manner from days 4-6 after surgery and include redness, tenderness, and swelling at the surgery site. Pus may be present. If the infection is caught at an early stage, the patient may be treated with prompt institution of oral antibiotic therapy and close follow-up care. If systemic symptoms are present, the wound should be opened, lavaged with sterile sodium chloride solution, and packed with gauze. Wound cultures should be taken, and Gram staining should be performed. Antibiotics should be started to cover likely organisms after culturing and changed, if necessary, pending results of culture and sensitivity tests. Fortunately, ifections after such surgeries are a rare occurence.