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Stacking the Deck in Medical Malpractice Cases

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Apparently having a Republican legislature pass a whole series of laws to gut any claims made by patients injured by medical negligence is not enough. If your going to pay politicians to pass such horrible laws, you might as well get a few personal favors, too. That is exactly what on surgeon did when he got Rick Perry to squash an investigation of his alleged malpractice. Read More Here.

In 2010, the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision began investigating orthopedic surgeon Steven Anagnost, M.D. over allegations of incompetence.  Two years later, the Board filed a formal complaint with the state. The complaint cited nearly two dozen cases between 2008 and 2011 in which Dr. Anagnost had botched surgeries, making errors that left patients paralyzed, in chronic pain and in some cases, dead. Some of these surgeries involved the implantation of a spinal device, known as a dorsal column stimulator. It turns out that Anagnost had a financial relationship with the manufacturer of that device.

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  1. jc says:
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    I am a big supporter of Rick Perry and malpractice tort reform. What Robert Blanchard does not tell you is that about 70% of medical malpractice suits which are filed are frivolous and are dropped by the plaintiff. 90-95% of malpractice suits which go to trial are won by the defendant Doctor. Talk about incompetance, maybe Robert Blanchard should look In the mirror!