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Law Firm Sounds Alarm on Asbestos Reform

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By way of a recent interview on GoLeft TV, my firm is looking to bring the spotlight back on the efforts of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce effort to victimize those suffering with asbestos related cancer. Citing a long string of court victories, the Chamber’s National Camber Litigation Center is letting everyone know it is stepping up its tort reform effort in 2008. The most likely target will be an asbestos bill that will be watered down enough to pass a Democratic Congress, but just enough to give them a preemption argument to use in the courts. With a slew judicial seats held by Reagan and Bush appointees, that is all they will need to take away the right of those suffering with asbesotos related cancers, like mesothelioma, to pursue adequate remedies in the courts. See the interview at GoLefttv.com.