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BP Oil Spill – Waiting and Waiting

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The original report was that the oil would hit our beautiful shores within days. Weeks later, we are still told it will be any day now, but our fears and concerns have not calmed down. The more we learn about the devastating effects of this spill and see first hand how it is already affecting our local businesses, the reality of the disaster has only become more clear. I would still be relieved it were to somehow pass us by, but this slimy oil is going to come ashore somewhere and I can’t think of any place that it will be not devastate. We already have the smell occasionally waft through, yet there seems to be little we can do to prepare. As an attorney, I have been advising clients who anticipate business losses to start getting together all their paperwork and their proof of prior income that would be used to determine their future economic losses. Some already have experienced losses through rental and charter boat cancellations, as well as the affect on our fisheries. Property values are surely to be affected as well.