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Arbitration Is Used To Undermine Our Justice System

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Although you pay taxes to support the judicial branch of government, where all are constitutionally guaranteed a right of access to the courts, corporate America has established its own justice system. It is a system you have no choice but to participate in, because many of the contracts you sign waive your right to go to court and require you to arbitrate any claim that you might have against the other party; like your bank, your broker or your employer. Read more here.

According to the NLRB, Murphy Oil also violated Section 8 in requiring workers to sign an agreement surrendering their right to “pursue class and collective claims in all forms” (emphasis added).  In short, employees may not prohibit workers from engaging in any sort of collective action. In response, Murphy Oil revised its arbitration agreement to allow employees to file grievances with the NLRB – but the revised agreement applied only to employees hired after March 2012.