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RoundUp Herbicide and Health


RoundUp is getting into all our food, as reported in a recent article (posted here):

It should be noted that while several Monsanto crops, including maize, soy, canola and beets are “Roundup Ready” (i.e., genetically engineered to tolerate glysophate), oats are not. Nonetheless, Monsanto has advised farmers to spray their oats and similar grain crops with the product just prior to harvesting. According to Monsanto’s Preharvest Staging Guide, “…preharvest weed control application is an excellent management strategy to not only control perennial weeds, but to facilitate harvest management and get a head start on next year’s crop.” Estimates from the EPA indicate that approximately fifty tons of Roundup is applied to U.S. oat crops every year.

Despite Monsanto’s insistence that glysophate is “safe,” action is being taken in some quarters. A few months ago, the Taiwanese government issued a recall of 65 tons of oat products after traces of glysophate were found. In May of this year, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Quaker Oats for labeling its products as “100% Natural” and making the claim that their oats are raised in an “eco-friendly” manner after glysophate residue was detected.

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