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Stryker Hip Lawsuit News: Who is Broadspire

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Stryker Medical, one of several manufacturers of the defective Rejuvenate and ABG II hip systems , has decided to use a company known as “Broadspire Services” to handle claims and recalls regarding its medical implants. Broadspire states on its corporate website that it is involved with “managing claims” and “increase employee productivity” while they “contain costs.”  This company has one primary mission: to serve as a firewall between plaintiffs and corporate defendants.

Broadspire representatives are approaching potential Stryker hip lawsuit plaintiffs, offering various forms of compensation, which according to many who are familiar with these offers may not always best suited for the individual injured by the defective device. Earlier, Broadspire had been offering to pay these plaintiffs out-of-pocket medical costs for revision surgery without requiring them to sign any kind of release.  Now, it appears Broadspire is offering those who may file a Stryker hip lawsuit an immediate sum – provided these prospective plaintiffs agree not to sue.

It’s a tempting idea, particularly for those who have been harmed by today’s dysfunctional economic system and may be desperate for money. But a reputable lawyer may well tell you that it is a bad idea.

There are always alternatives. The best thing to do is to get professional legal representation for your Stryker hip lawsuit. An experienced lawyer can advise you of your rights and give you a realistic idea of what your case is worth.

1 Comment

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  1. dave says:
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    I tend to disagree with your statement An experienced lawyer can advise you of your rights and give you a realistic idea of what your case is worth. I have talked to several firms and all I get is the same story we cant really predict. All they want is your retainer and you to go away until the 2015 bellwether and then maybe they can talk about dollars. I compare talking to these attorneys is like riding the Ferris wheel you go around in circles and get off dizzy.