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| Levin Papantonio

SGLT-2 Inhibitors are prescribed to diabetic patients. (Medications like Invokana and Farxiga). These medications target a protein, SGLT2, that transports blood sugar (glucose) in our bodies. By inhibiting the action of these proteins, the hope is to reduce the amount of glucose that is absorbed into the patient’s bloodstream within the kidneys. However, an interesting article appearing here [click], indicates some of the problems associated with this approach to blood sugar control:

Almost three months after Dr. Wolfe presented his concerns to the FDA, a diabetic blogger and author published a post with information demonstrating that Invokana (at approximately $235 a month) was no more effective than the inexpensive and relatively harmless old standby, metformin (based on prescribing information on the label).  In December 2012, Consumer Reports released its own guidelines on the six classes of diabetic drugs. In its recommendations on page 3 of the publication, it is noted that the new drugs are no better and no safer than metformin or sulfonylurea drugs, both of which have been available for decades.

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