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| Levin Papantonio

Large corporations employ a lot of people, so invariably there will be a few employees who will sound the alarm if one of the company’s products start killing people. Unfortunately, these employees are all too often fired for speaking up. In a compelling recent article [Click Here], we see the human cost of such retaliation by employers, and we see the devastating effects of C8, a chemical long used in the production of Teflon by DuPont.

Today [Dupont former employee] Wamsley suffers from ulcerative colitis, a bowel condition that can – and in his case, did — lead to rectal cancer. Between the surgery, which left him reliant on plastic pouches that collect his waste outside his body and have to be changed regularly, and his ongoing digestive problems, Wamsley finds it difficult to be away from his home for long. …

DuPont scientists had closely studied the chemical for decades and through their own research knew about some of the dangers it posed. Yet rather than inform workers, people living near the plant, the general public, or government agencies responsible for regulating chemicals, DuPont repeatedly kept its knowledge secret.

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