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| Levin Papantonio

The type of medical devices that have been the cause of lawsuits for many a transvaginal mesh patients were originally designed to treat hernia. Mesh devices were later used to treat a condition known as urinary stress incontinence, a condition whereby some physical action, such as coughing, laughing or other sudden movement causes loss of bladder control. It is far more common in women than in men (although men who have prostate surgery sometimes develop the condition).

I mention this subject because for the second time in the past twelve months, as medical professionals have come forward in the media defending the use of the transvaginal mesh for the treatment of stress incontinence. Late last year, Dr. Charles Nager, who heads the American Urogynecologic Society, told a San Diego newspaper that the meshes were the  “largest technological advance for treating [stress] incontinence in a generation.” He added that they “have improved the lives of millions of women worldwide.” Recently, Dr. Rachel Pauls, who works for Cincinnati TriHealth, told a local TV news reporter that the use of meshes is a “safe and effective” treatment for women who suffer from  stress incontinence.

Many patients would adamantly disagree with these statements, having suffered woefully from bad mesh products.

What are the implications for a plaintiff planning to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit?

In order to file a lawsuit, there must be demonstrable cause, i.e., actual injuries and diminished quality of life. Furthermore, it must be demonstrated that either the manufacturer of the product, the end user (in this case, the physician) or both had knowledge of the dangers of the product – or should have had such knowledge. As is the case with other types of product litigation, such as that involving asbestos, exposure by itself is not enough.

This does not mean that if you have received a mesh for stress incontinence that you do not have grounds for a transvaginal mesh lawsuit. According to Mr. Nager, women being treated for this condition with a mesh do run a risk of the erosion that can cause debilitating pain, sexual dysfunction and more. On the other hand, at least five times as many patients with meshes for POP will experience these complications.

For more information about filing a transvaginal mesh lawsuit, contact our offices today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.


  1. Gravatar for dakey

    There's no good coming from these companies, FDA, JOHNSON AND JOHNSON, BARD, this list goes on and on . This lawsuits should be in the billions of dollars . Our lives have changed, no running, jumping, walking normal, standing , sitting for long periods of time. This isn't the right way too treat people. There's a need for another organization that watches the FDA . Because this should have not happen to me and other women . This product is over 20 year old and never was tested properly. Polypropylene is like BARB WIRE, what human wants that in their body anywhere ?

  2. Gravatar for Michelle

    No thicker than a human hair? Um NO! I had my "tape" sling removed yesterday after it eroded through the vaginal wall and sliced into my urethra. The mesh came out as stiff, hard plastic, the same thickness and density as the plastic mesh used for sewing crafts. I have suffered greatly for three years from this "safe" product. I am curious how you would feel about someone sawing through your penis with a thin, delicate piece of window screen? Or fishing line? If you were told you needed a surgery that irreparably severs the penis, will require catheterization for the rest of your life, and will prevent you from ever having sex again, in addition to causing MIND BOGGLING 2-3 out of every hundred men...would you still feel those were acceptable odds? Would you consider that product to be safe and advisable? And if you were one of those 2-3 unfortunate souls who lost that bet, and then were told the pain and suffering was all in your head, that you were just being influenced by internet hokum, and that you were just after would you feel then? We are angry. Our bodies have been mutilated, permanently, by the people we trusted most. And yet, they continue to cover up for each other, and continue to profit, knowingly putting thousands more women at risk every day.

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