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On the day President Obama arrived in Pensacola, it was the first day I could distinctly smell the oil spill in downtown Pensacola. Others had caught whiffs of it on the beach, but now the oil is here in our Bay and it is unmistakable. Ironically, the President just went to the Beach and noted that the oil has not washed ashore on our beaches, so no one should cancel their vacation plans. Probably an understandable message, but it overlooks that we are now experiencing what has most recently happened in Gulf Shores, AL, the oil is washing in with the tide through our pass to the Gulf of Mexico and it is in our inland waters. I am sure President Obama’s motorcade drove right by it and would not have noticed it, but it is there nonetheless. It would also have been visible from Pensacola Naval Air Station (N.A.S.) were he went after the beach, but I doubt they took him down to their shoreline.

We have seen some skimmers offshore, but don’t see any in the Bay. They need to get here quick.

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