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Despite the feigned outrage over one or two comments that Justice Sotomayor has made over the course her long and illustrious judicial career, there is no major change being brought about by her appointment to the nation’s highest Court. The seat was previously held by a reasonable Justice who is now being replaced by reasonable Justice. This is not a swing in the court’s voting propensities. The conservatives have been stacked high and wide in the federal judiciary given the years of Republican control of the Whitehouse since President Reagan. While many of these judges will let themselves be affected by the rulings they must make and the impact they will have on people’s lives, too many cling heartily to party politics and idealogical directives. Big corporations are good and average people are bad. The government can stomp on the rights of individuals and individuals have no right to bring claims against the big corporations who hold the great sway and power within the Republican party. When people say there is no difference in Democrats and Republicans, I tell them to look at the Judges appointed in Texas. Average people used to get a fair shake from Democratic judges, but the Republican judges now in power there have shocked everyone who remembers the days when judges tried to stay above politics. In some appellate courts in Texas, over 90% of the jury decisions in favor of individual Plaintiffs have been reversed and RENDERED. This means not only did the court find some error in the jury trial, but also decided the case should never have been presented to a jury in the first place. The corporation/insurance company wins and the average person loses – no new trial, nothing, go home, don’t seek justice here – even though a judge and a jury that actually heard all the evidence found otherwise.

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